Life, Meaning & Creativity Coaching


With her passion for the creative process and compassion for her clients, Laurie coaches from her heart. Her intuitive and nurturing spirit guided my creative journey when I was stalled at a difficult life transition. Laurie held my creative dream in a safe place and helped me envision a path from pause to possibility. Her laughter, encouragement, wise tools and playful tips opened for me a whole new approach to creativity. She changed my life. I will always be grateful and curious: How exactly did she do that? 

Paula Graham, painter, author, musician, and creativity coach


For those seeking to live a life that’s more centered, focused, and inspired, Laurie is an excellent personal guide and coach. While Laurie employs wonderful techniques from Byron Katie and Martha Beck, her greatest gift is her intuitive wisdom. I still have no idea just how she was able to create the perfect guided meditations and activities for me, or how she would know just the right thing to say to work with my energies and needs. Ultimately, I think it’s just proof that Laurie is on the perfect path, and offers one of the most caring and insightful coaching services available.

Jennie Durant, writer


Laurie’s keen intuition, creative instinct and mastery makes her a wizard at pinpointing the heart of any issue you might bring to the table. She can help you overcome limiting beliefs, embrace your authentic self and reconnect with joy. While working with her, Laurie will give you the gift of being heard in a way that will leave you treasuring your time with her – and yourself. 

Martha Beck, Ph.D., author and O Magazine monthly columnist


Laurie has helped me access my creativity in arenas I have not experienced before. The way we live is in itself a creative act. Laurie recognizes that and inspires the AHA’s that create change. She helped me take the steps I needed to move through feeling blocked and stuck. She is funny, wise and an awesome creativity coach!!! Give yourself a gift and sign up for a few sessions to rev up your joy and delight!”

Lailey Jenkins, psychotherapist  


Each coaching session with Laurie is a work of art. She is funny, compassionate, intuitive and courageous. No issue is off the table. Laurie offers imaginative and personalized guided meditations and asks just the right questions to lead me to those delightful Aha moments of insight and clarity. Long after a session has ended, I realize how deep and transformative her coaching really is. A pivotal moment in the coaching session in real life translates into new energy, positive patterns of thought and joyful ways of being in my body and in the world.



Although it’s been many weeks since I had my dream analysis with Laurie, I find myself coming back to it again and again.  The dream I shared with her was complex, but Laurie didn’t seem at all daunted.  She patiently walked me through each step of the process, encouraging me to let go of any rational thought about my dream and be free with my associations.  It was a powerful and moving experience, and that was before I received Laurie’s analysis!  The actual analysis was thorough and illuminating, and offered a profound understanding well beyond anything I imagined before we began.   As a result, I have thought a lot about the lessons of this dream and am working to apply them to my waking life. Laurie is a gifted listener with a wonderful sense of playfulness and humor.  She is sensitive, empathetic and extraordinarily kind.  Although we’ve never met in person, I felt that I could share anything with her (even the depths of my subconscious in this crazy dream I had).  I look forward to working with her again. 

Laura Gates-Lupton, mother, psychotherapist, writer and editor


Laurie was born for coaching and guiding others through the maze of life.  Whether it is through learning to take small steps in resolving an issue through the Kaizen method, developing your inner creativity or taking steps to purge limiting beliefs or thoughts, she artfully guides you through the process.  Her empathetic ear, warm heart, humor and thoughtful tips are carefully woven throughout the session to help you get past the hurdles in your life.  I have taken private coaching with Laurie as well as her courses on Creativity and Magic in Midlife and Beyond both of which I highly recommend if you have any desire to reach inside and discover your inner being.  I still have some challenges to meet but with Laurie’s help I now have some tools to get me to the next level of introspection and being able to enjoy life to the fullest extent possible.

Kathi Vaggalis Schaaf, realtor


Laurie is amazing! Her coaching sessions provided me with the guidance and tools I need to help me progress in my career. I love how she tailors her guided visualizations to my life and situation. Plus, she really listens, she’s intellectually honest, and she’s grounded, which, in my experience aren’t traits often found in life coaches or creativity coaches. I’m so glad I found her, and I look forward to working with her for a long time to come.

Matt Sparks, Permanent Weekend, LLC 


Laurie’s keenly perceptive creativity coaching inspires and motivates her clients’ creative success.  They feel deeply understood and supported by her authentic, non-threatening and comfortable style.

Jill Badonsky, M.Ed., founder Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching and author 


I came to the idea of coaching with skepticism, but with a sense that it was the last of the untried methods for attempting to complete my novels.  I am the single mother of a 13 year old with profound autism, I work full time, and I am trying to complete a novel about my experiences in Southern Africa in the 90s. So how could I balance these very important aspects of my life? In comes Laurie with small, easy to implement steps that led me to schedule daily meditation and work on the manuscript, and my other less glamorous objectives. The small steps approach is tremendously helpful, as I never stayed at the initial step, but was often so engaged that I kept working confidently even after I had met the commitment decided on during my coaching session. Laurie also helped me sift through emotional clutter that kept me from believing I could achieve important goals, and made me feel that having a child with autism, meant I could not pursue fiction writing.  Her simple, imaginative techniques ignited my own creativity and inspired me to create my own small steps for completing projects that seemed insurmountable.  I have no doubt that I will finish one of the novels this year, and continue without blockages onto the other two on the backburner!  But best of all, Laurie helped me to see that by pursuing my art, I was being a better mom. Bravo Laurie!

Genara Cristina Necos, Esquire 


I found my coaching with Laurie to be very valuable in helping me take a fresh look at some things I’ve been struggling with for a long time. She has an uncommon ability to get to the core of a question, using techniques from various perspectives to find what works best for you. I continue to use some of the skills she taught me and find them very useful keeping myself on track. I look forward to working with Laurie again next time I come up against a roadblock that needs dismantling. 

Judith Rush 


Understanding, intuitive, funny, and a great guide through confusion are thoughts that come to mind when describing Laurie.  Knowing I needed some umph to move past several blocks, I hired Laurie as a life coach. It was an incredible experience. She walked me through all of my illusions and false beliefs to a place of sweet reality. I came to some great realizations and became physically unblocked as well.  I suddenly was floored by colors; I became very creative; I fell in love with everyone; I was able to perform as myself without self consciousness; and I became one of the most effective leaders in my organization. Laurie was not only an excellent guide throughout this experience, but she was aware of things about me that I never would have expected anyone to pick up on.  I felt cherished, which made me want to cherish myself.

Elasha Fain 


I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Laurie. When we began working together I was creatively stuck and trying to make sense of some major life changes. I quickly felt so supported by Laurie and the process she took me through, that I ended up going much further and deeper than I anticipated, with great results. Laurie brings a strong sense of presence to her coaching, along with a creative blend of humor, compassion, insight, and a seemingly endless toolbox to draw from (sometimes it’s a toy box!). She has an intuitive ability to create each session to perfectly meet the client’s needs, starting with her improvised guided imagery sessions which are amazing, and fun! After working with Laurie I’m developing a healthier, less oppressive, more productive relationship to my creative life. I’m looking forward to working with Laurie again.

Dave Rowley 


My experience coaching with Laurie has been a success from the very beginning.  She has helped me to connect with my higher self, bringing out strength that I had tucked away and realizing ambitions that had been clouded. With the tools Laurie has shared with me, I am able to break down the overwhelming task list of running one’s own business and make it more manageable.  As well, I am able to embrace the pleasure of taking time for myself without guilt. I look forward to continuing coaching with Laurie and all the wonderful opportunities that are to come within me and my life’s path!

Josie Adele, jewelry designer and business owner 


I came to Laurie frustrated with my total inability to move forward with my career.  Having decided that my former career no longer fit, I was stymied as to how to proceed with pursuing something new.  Mentally I was going in circles.  Laurie patiently allowed me to vent my frustrations but did not allow me to wallow in them.  She led me through sorting my mental clutter. Unconnected ideas became defined career interests.  She also taught me to identify my self-limiting beliefs. In just a few short weeks, she took me from a point of total aggravation to the formulation of a multi-layered career plan.  I am delighted to state that, as a result of Laurie’s guidance, I am now employed in an interim job that will enable me to return to school, and to pursue a path about which I’m passionate.

Janie Gallagher  


Laurie is an intuitive and intelligent coach and extremely enjoyable to work with!  She comes to the session prepared with lots of creative ideas and at the same time open to what the client needs.  She helped me see  my own thoughts in new ways which allowed me to begin letting go of limiting beliefs.  The work is effective and powerful.

Nadine Bernard, actor and playwright


If anyone is looking for an executive coach, what’s great about Laurie is that she listens to your concerns and is creative in addressing obstacles in your path. Laurie is adamant about giving you the tools to think creatively and achieve your goals. She does not have an agenda to push a particular style or technique. She comes up with ideas and asks what resonates. As with any good executive coach and mentor, Laurie wants you to be able to apply the tools independently and move forward in your accomplishments. When you have the tools and achieved your success, she wants you to move forward on your own. Laurie has been invaluable to me.

Traci Burnley, small business owner, human resources consultant, and writer




Life, Meaning & Creativity Teleclasses and Workshops    


Laurie has taught creativity and life change classes at Colorado Free University in Denver for over two years.  Students have raved about Laurie, describing her as “warm,” “engaging,” “pleasant,” “well-informed,” and have found her classes helped them make important changes in their lives and get “unstuck” creatively. Students unanimously claim that they would recommend Laurie’s classes to their friends.

Helen H. Hand, Ph.D., president, Colorado Free University, Inc. 


I want to thank Laurie for sharing her gift of insight and knowledge. I am no longer allowing roadblocks to limit my creativity, and I had an art show last month.  The process to do my art work in the beginning was tough, but once I broke through the self-doubt and fear, I hit my flow. I believe that Laurie gave me the tools to grow and believe in myself. I thank Laurie for her dedication to helping me and others to strive for their dreams. I now know that being an artist is who I am and will be the rest of my life. My plan is to keep painting whether I show or not.  I paint for my soul.  

Trent Jones


Laurie was warm, engaging, loved her subject, and it showed.  I have possibly learned a whole different approach to living – at least to goal-attainment and problem-solving! 

Creig Cogan, attorney 


Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your vision board workshop! I’ve been doing a version of them for years using the “Artist’s Way” dream board model and really appreciated your thoughtful approach. It’s so wonderful to hear your voice! Your guided meditations were absolutely wonderful with that lovely melodic voice of yours! Anyway, many thanks. I’m working away at my board now for the new year with joy, purpose and direction!!

Missy Hooton, interior designer  


Laurie showed me how to gently coax my inner child to come out and play.  Her workshops helped me tap into creative parts of me that had been dormant for years.  She offers insightful and low key ways to discover your unrealized personal gifts, then offers the tools to begin exploring and enjoying them.  I am thankful to Laurie for giving me the confidence to trust my creative instincts. I recommend Laurie’s workshops to those who seek a safe and welcoming place to begin their own personal creative journey.

Pam B., song writer


Ideas for creativity, creativity, creativity. Excellent! I’m coming back for more.

Aline Hart, administrative assistant

I recently attended a teleclass hosted by Laurie on Steering By Starlight written by Martha Beck.  It was a nine week course, covering each chapter in detail. Laurie hosted each class with humor and insight as we  worked our way through the book.  Not only did she cover the book thoroughly, but she also supplied other book titles that might be of additional support.  Laurie has such a calm, gentle manner about her. She reviewed, she taught, she listened, and she encouraged.  Thanks, Laurie! So glad I was a part of your class!

Mackie Schaars, The Rock Star Life Coach

Excellent!  Laurie was both inspiring and calming.  She provided a positive approach to the concepts.

Mohan Sagar, engineer 


Laurie, thank you for this experience, your enthusiasm, your support, and your open heart. Namaste.



I liked the blend of talking with exercises. I feel like I have tools I can use on my own to support and stimulate my creativity. Laurie is a good teacher. Her experiences and background seem to really support what she teaches. 

SuAnna Jo


Very knowledgeable, very friendly, and well-organized.  Another wonderful resource to improve my life.

Josh Theisen, philanthropist 


First off, I have to admit that I have never met Laurie face to face. I came to know her thru the modern wonder of technology: We became virtual friends on Facebook because of mutual interests. We are both Certified Martha Beck Life Coaches and have a multitude of mutual acquaintances. But the more I found out about her, the more of her writings I read, the more intrigued I became. I decided to enroll in the next Kaizen telecourse she was teaching. I was not disappointed! Laurie is a warm, empathetic, knowledgeable, and gifted teacher. After completing this telecourse with Laurie, I felt that I knew her as well as I know any of my friends. I am very glad to call her my friend! I look forward to working more with her in the future!

 Sylvia Heed, Life Coach

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