Imagine creating the life you were meant to live.



Each and every one of us is born creative.  In fact, we are creating ourselves, our relationships to nature and other beings, and our lives in every moment.

Much of the creative process is about waking up, paying attention, and being fully present. We need to foster an attitude of open inquiry and develop a deep curiosity about what we are experiencing within and what is happening around us. We need to immerse ourselves in NOW. The creative process also is about releasing our attachment to a certain idea or result, breaking out of old ways of seeing, and cultivating what Buddhists call Beginner’s Mind.  

The most difficult part of beginning any endeavor, creative or otherwise, is showing up and starting where we are. Another difficult but equally essential part is establishing a practice or routine.

I use a compassionate and playful approach to awakening creativity and breaking through blocks. In my coaching and on this blog, I want to help you ignite your creative spark and overcome Life’s obstacles. These obstacles include, but are not limited to: 

  • Procrastination

  • Overwhelm

  • Perfectionism

  • Not knowing what you are passionate about

  • Difficulty focusing or beginning

  • Resistance

  • Self-doubt

  • Self-sabotage

  • Fears (failure, success, not being good enough, criticism, wasting time and money …)

In her book, What We Ache For, Oriah Mountain Dreamer writes:

Creative work requires that we approach each new project, each new chapter or paragraph, each new musical phrase or time period set aside for writing or painting or sculpting, as a beginning. … Our part is to begin again and again, even when we are reviewing or revising material that is already half-formed. To allow for the surprises, to open to exploring possibilities that we have never before considered, to find the truly creative and unpredictable movement that emerges from within the work, we must always be beginning.

This is excellent advice for the pursuit of life as well as art. So let us begin again!  




7 Responses to Creativity

  1. It may be that when we no longer know what to do
    we have come to our real work and that
    when we no longer know which way to go
    we have begun our real journey.
    The mind that is not baffled is not employed.
    The impeded stream is the one that sings.

    Wendell Berry, in Standing by Words (1983)

    • ahalifedesign says:

      Thanks Jimmy for posting the very lovely and thought-provoking quote by Wendell Berry. It will be a wonderful piece to sit with and contemplate.

      Thanks also for visiting my blog. That was very thoughtful of you to do, and I appreciate it deeply.

  2. Kadira says:

    I love your article on creativity. Very aligned to my own thinking. ‘Our part is to begin again and again “…. Oh so true.

    • ahalifedesign says:

      Thanks so much Kadira for visiting my blog and for commenting. I deeply appreciate your doing so.

      I love the idea of beginning again. It makes us so present; every moment is fresh; every time we do something it is new. It also takes us out of “failure” thinking and permits us to simply begin again. :)

  3. tina :o) says:

    laurie… i love your blogs. you bring out the CHILD in me ! thank you for your challenges… i REALLY like “playing”. it’s fun to feel like a kid, again… even when you’re 50. Look forward to reading, and playing, MORE ! MORE ! MORE ! :o)

    • ahalifedesign says:

      Thanks Tina for visiting, commenting, and joining my blog. I am deeply grateful for you and your support.

      There is no time like your fifties for revisiting childhood. So much joy to be found there. I’m delighted that you’re taking this journey with me and you’re ready to play.


  4. I love your philosophies Laurie. It is so nice to see you thriving and living so richly
    sharing your heart of gold! Thanks for posting all these inspirational quotes and videos!

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