Rediscovering Ourselves



We are born knowing exactly who we are. Over the years we abandon or neglect much of what we know about ourselves. Fortunately, it’s never too late to rediscover who we are.


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About ahalifedesign

As a master certified life , certified creativity, and trained meaning coach, Laurie helps clients live their best life. She works compassionately with clients to dissolve limiting beliefs that prevent them from realizing their fullest potential and to take action. Laurie helps baby boomers reinvent themselves at midlife and beyond; she guides them through the transition and transformation they inevitably encounter in the second half of life. She works with baby boomers to discover abandoned aspects of self, explore passions, find meaning, and fulfill their life’s purpose. Laurie also helps writers, artists, musicians, actors, business entrepreneurs, and anyone who wants to be more creative, overcome blocks (i.e., overwhelm, perfectionism, procrastination, self-sabotage, fear) and other obstacles to achieving their dreams. Laurie lives in Denver, Colorado with her two rambunctious golden retrievers, Liza Jolie and Zydeco Ardoin. She loves the Rocky Mountains and the inspiration and diverse activities they offer. She loves literature, theatre, music, dancing, and art. Laurie is a consumate learner. She has a background in law, psychology, positive psychology, creativity, Buddhist studies, and meditative practice. She is fascinated by the human brain and recent developments in neuroscience.
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